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August 16, 2013 by HipHopGoldenAge

Hip Hop Twitteraccounts

HipHopGoldenAgeA comprehensive list with accounts to follow for all Hip Hop heads already on Twitter or for peeps & tweeps just starting out on Twitter.

Scroll down for Hip Hop Artists on Twitter.

Must Follow Hip Hop Twitteraccounts..

HipHopGoldenAge   @HipHopGoldenAge Hiphop from the oldschool early 80’s to the golden age of hiphop – late 80’s & early 90’s; with some newer classics thrown in – RT your favs! Also: @HHGA_Shirts @HHGA_Books

6f67cf51d3b0680b36071c6377de710bI Live Hip Hop   @ILiveHipHop Preserving hip-hop culture one tweet at a time | Our Facebook community exceeds 80,000 | Tweets by @PtheWyse @SWATommy | Shout out to @HipHopGoldenAge

f87a42a2e70362c4d618b4ff99a8e994True Hip Hop   @ClassicHip_Hop Tweeting & RT Classic & True School Hip Hop related Music, Videos, Quotes & Pictures from the #GoldenAge



Hip Hop Turntable   @HipHopTurntable Tweeting #Classic and new #HipHop material. Politically incorrect, justified opinions, defender of #RealHiphop. [Parental Advisory Explicit Content]



HipHopSpeakEasy  @HipHopSpeakEasy The Hip Hop Speakeasy was started for one sole purpose: To spread the word of good hip hop music. – Submissions: http://bit.ly/Qa218Z



Hip Hop Top 50   @hip_hop_top_50 Honoring the best LPs from 1978 – 2006.



0fa0412783161f9f6cae8731e894b9ecHip Hop Gods   @hiphopgods hiphopgods.com  – where classic rap lives on.



peoplesGolden Era Hip Hop   @GoldenEraHipHop Celebrating classic hip-hop from the late 80s and early 90s.



ufzedw45w48cylsxu9tyHip Hop Originals   @HipHopOriginals The 80s and 90s



17ae405ce6042e9c13b06a1db1b329e6Classic Hip Hop   @Classic_hip_hop I tweet fresh Hip Hop links. I’ll put you on to good tracks and put links up to some classic hits. home of the #HipHopDebate #IFollowBack


b08cb9de98f5e4b1b579aecfa6d63c8cOG Hunter   @hiphopclassix Strictly Real #HipHop from the ’80’s, ’90’s and beyond…’nuff respect due to all the true artists and heads out there


6e9142c5797378ce185c4ceb785457dfDoug’s Real Hip Hop @_real_hip_hop Supporting #independent #underground #hiphop quotes, videos and news from the underground and classic artists #hiphopheads #realhiphop


gr-lgGenius Rap   @genius_rap GeniusRap.com honors rap and Hip Hop icons; including rappers, turntablists, Hip Hop producers, and rap industry personalities.


RSTVtwitterSQRap Station   @RapstationRsTv The Worlds LOUDEST Online RAP/HIP HOP RadioTV Interwork brought to you by @MrChuckD



HHGA ShirtsHHGA Shirts   @HHGA_Shirts HipHopGoldenAge T-Shirts | Special Designs | Limited Editions | High Quality | HHGA Label | Worldwide Shipment | Powered By@HipHopGoldenAge


HHGA BooksHHGA Books   @HHGA_Books The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who can not read. ||| Check out books on Hip Hop ||| Powered by@HipHopGoldenAge


e1775594f85a559babb7fd676a8f48f3Wise Tweets   @PTheWyse Rapping Dad who motivates others with motivational tweets, picture quotes and music marketing information. ..

More Hip Hop Twitteraccounts:
Hip Hop Artists
Respect To … The Golden Age Of Hip Hop



One thought on “Hip Hop & Twitter

  1. Thank you very much for adding me to this directory. This is very comprehensive. You can always add on to these lists 🙂

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DEDICATED TO REAL HIP HOP. Hiphop from the oldschool early 80s to the golden age of hiphop, late 80s & early to mid 90s.

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