HipHopGoldenAge Promotion Service

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HipHopGoldenAge Promotion Service

We have an awesome way for you to get YOUR music or message out there to a large Hip Hop audience – for just $5,-.

HHGA will post any real Hip Hop content you provide on the @HipHopGoldenAge account on Twitter with 180.000+ REAL (organically gained) followers.

HHGA has a highly active community of followers, with thousands of interactions (RTs, mentions etc.) a day. If you’re on Twitter and you know Hip Hop, you already know the HHGA account. HHGA followers are 60% in the USA, 20% in the UK and 20% around the rest of the world.

If you provide the link to your youtube video, soundcloud account, your mixtape, your website, your image or whatever you want to advertise – HHGA will post it on the @HipHopGoldenAge account within 48 hours, on the time you prefer.

IMPORTANT: Only Hip Hop related material will be posted. HHGA reserves the right to respectfully refuse content if we deem it irrelevant or unsuitable for the HHGA audience (posting content that doesn’t match the HHGA audience is bad for you and HHGA both – so better for both parties to be clear about this up front). We are in this to give those who know & respect real Hip Hop a platform to get their work to a large audience. So:

Got some good Hip Hop music / news / content you want to get to a large Hip Hop audience? Hit us up



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DEDICATED TO REAL HIP HOP. Hiphop from the oldschool early 80s to the golden age of hiphop, late 80s & early to mid 90s.

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